JPort helps you to export and import Correlation Rules, Assertions, Timers and Pre-Post Processors from your JMeter scripts while you snap your fingers. Yeess!!! Re-Creating and Re-Enhancing JMeter test scripts was never so easy. JPort will be very useful whenever we re-create the scripts owing to a change in the application build. recommends you to re-create the scripts whenever the application build changes and we have explicitly built JPort to accelerate re-enhancements.

Disclaimer : We export and import only elements that are tagged to Samplers which inturn are tagged to Transaction Controllers. We have limited our tool to support a maximum of 99 Transaction Controllers, each containing a maximum of 99 identical Samplers each.

        Export Sampler Rules to a SAR file

        Import Sampler Rules from a SAR file

Note : JPort exports Timers, Assertions & Pre-Post Processors.

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Mythbuster : Most people tend to ask if is it really necessary to re-create the performance test scripts when they are passing even after the change in application build. The scripts may or may not pass but the tests won't be realistic since a new build would have introduced additional requests or it might have reduced or optimized the requests to improve performance.